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Fiber Optic Cables

OPCOM produce wide range of fiber optic cables for multi applications. These cables are designed and engineered to quality performance for industry and end-to-end solutions.

We provide Indoor and Outdoor design, single, multimode, simplex, duplex mode cables that meets today’s demand for high capacity and network excellency.

Our extensive line of cables includes:

Loose Tube Cable

  • Designed for harsh environmental conditions (outdoors)
  • Semi grid hollow plastic loose tubes configuration
  • Up to 16 tubes which consists of 24 fibers max
  • Up to 384 cores

Slotted Core Cable

  • Designed for harsh environmental conditions (outdoors)
  • Fiber are positioned in slotted core made of HDPE
  • Available in loose fiber or ribbon fiber
  • Up to 192 Cores

Drop Cable

  • Located on the subscribers end to connect the terminal of distribution cable to a subscriber’s premises
  • Typically, small diameter and low fiber count cables
  • Can be installed aerially, underground or buried