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Company Update

The Opcom Group is a manufacturer of fiber optic cables and related products, and an integrated engineering service provider for the fiber optic cable market in Malaysia and overseas. Opcom commenced its business activities in November 1994 and became a public listed company in December 2003. Opcom has conducted itself in a professional manner throughout its existence and will continue to do so irregardless of the composition of its board of directors, management or shareholders. As a public listed company, information on the Company is available to the public and its shares are freely traded on Bursa Malaysia.

Opcom does not see any conflict of interest of any kind arising, from bidding for projects from government linked companies or otherwise. Opcom, just like any other company with products and services to offer, will actively bid for projects and contracts that Opcom has been invited to participate via Open Tenders, Negotiated Tenders, Request for Proposal or other such commercial arrangement in line with established industry practices. We hope that our track record, Malaysian expertise and experience in this fiber optic field, combined with competitive pricing and Malaysian manufacturing base will place us in good stead with our existing and future customers. Opcom has continuously invested in R&D, manufacturing facilities and local talent to keep up with the increasing demands of the Internet age.

We welcome and thank the Minister of Telecommunications, YB Mr. Gobind Singh Deo, for his swift action on the issue of Telecom Malaysia’s (TM) award of a Rakan Unifi contract to Opcom. TM’s subsequent announcements clarified what that contract is about, its value and that it was awarded through an open tender process. Indeed, under the Rakan Unifi project, many other contractors won various packages in other parts of the country. The announcement of Opcom’s successful bid, which is deemed to have an impact on Opcom’s financials, was subject to TM’s approval, which has only just been given.

We thank our customers for their continued support and hope we will be able to serve them better in this fast paced, demanding and expanding digital world.